All images on this site have been selected because they are suitable for framing. They might also be used on a website. If you see an image that appeals to you and would like to order a print of that image, please contact me via the form below. I can work with you to figure out an appropriate size, whether it is a standard size (e.g. 8x10, 11x14, etc.) or a custom size. If you would like to use an image on your website, permission to use any of these can be obtained for $5.00 USD. Again, please contact me using the form below, and I will send you an image file suitable for your use.
Images can be printed on various materials, including metal (which would not require a matte or frame), canvas, or paper. The price will vary with the choice of material, size of the print, etc. So it is difficult to estimate pricing until I have more information about your choices for size, print material, etc. But here are some prices for some standard choices. For example, an 8x10 metal print would be priced at $75, an 11x14 metal print would be priced at $100. An 8x10 canvas print would be priced at $50, an 11x14 canvas print would be priced at $80.  Shipping is included in all of those prices above. Paper prints are a lot cheaper, but would require framing and matting that would probably make them a lot more expensive to you. Custom sizes are also available; those would be priced a bit higher than the standard sizes. So all of those factors will be taken into account, and once we figure out what kind and size of print you want, I will be able to determine an appropriate price to cover printing, shipping, and my fee, and a print will soon be on its way to your door. It's a personalized consultation about what will work for your needs, and I think you will be very satisfied with any print you order.
P.S. If you are a BJ Jackal and interested in the wallpaper offer, use the email icon on the home page to contact me about that.
Thank you!
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